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KALTHUM FOUNDATION FOR PEACE– (KFP) is a local non-governmental Organization that is totally not for profit, non political also non religious. It was started in 2015 but got established on 10th December 2016 by Kalthum Muhammad Rabiu from where the NGO got its nomenclature. Kalthum Foundation for Peace started as an advocacy platform to push for the rights of the girl child and counter violent extremism and terrorism in the northeast region of Nigeria. At that time it was known as Kalthum Campaign for Peace.

In February 2017, Kalthum Campaign for Peace collaborated with the Northeast Coalition Against Terrorism to stage the first mega rally for peace in Maiduguri to call on Boko Haram commanders to come out and surrender to the military through the Safe Haven Corridor Initiative and embrace peace so that Borno and Nigeria as a whole can return to stability.

Over 5,000 people attended the peace rally which was held at Ramat Square, Maiduguri. It was after the success of that peace rally that stakeholders suggested that the Kalthum Campaign for Peace become a fully empowered body to carry out tailor made interventions that will be suitable for the people of Borno and the entire northeast as a means of achieving peace through contextualization. This Local NGO was formed according to the willingness of the people with a view to deal with the present socio-economic problems vis-à-vis the negative impacts of the Boko Haram insurgency in different towns and villages.

In March 2017, the CAC advised that Kalthum Campaign for Peace be registered as Kalthum Foundation for Peace. KFP is fundamentally an organization dedicated to peace building initiatives.

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