Daniel Furnad is a media professional whose work has spanned television, film, text publications, radio and digital content. He has been a journalist with CNN and the Associated Press (TV), an actor (Born on the 4th of July, Delta Force 2), a documentary filmmaker (Haile Selassie, AMISOM, The Rastafarians: Coming Home to Africa, Coach Kwei & the Champ, Robert Mugabi, Samora Machel, etc), as well as flling various roles in a wide range of media projects.As a journalist, his notable work includes traveling on two US Presidential elections; covering elections in South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Kenya (among others); wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the 9/11 aftermath in New York and DC; the IndianOcean tsunami; political revolutions in Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, and the Arab Spring uprisings; the 2000 Olympic Games and 2002 Football World Cup; as well as natural disasters and economic conferences across 5 continents.Daniel has travelled to 82 countries or territories, 22 in Africa, about half as a journalist and the rest as an adventurer. He is married to a former Kenyan supermodel, has two gorgeous andhighly intelligent children. He named his son Robert Marley Furnad, indicating his enthusiasm for reggae music. He also enjoys Rock concerts (and all things loud), American football, great food, great writing and going fast.